Death Claim

LPL Insurance Consultants is committed to help the family of deceased/breadwinner when there is a death claim.  Our expert team has all the knowledge and resources to ensure timely help leading to settlement of death claim. We understand you may be going through a difficult and perhaps worrying time. So please be rest assured that we’ll deal with the claim for you as quickly and smoothly as possible.  Once established that the claim is genuine, we shall collect all the necessary documents for submission from the nominee/assignee mentioned in the policy document. 

In case, nomincation is not established on the document, we shall help the legal heir/heirs to apply for the necessary proofs from the court and see that the policy proceeds are transferred at the earliest.

In case the death claim is an early claim (death within 3 years from the date of inception of the policy), there may be investigation and the process may take a little more time.  The documentation part also will be additional, if called for by the respective insurance company.  However, from our end we shall promptly help you submit the required documents, as early as possible. 



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